My Little Virtual Pet - Fan pics

Post your virtual pet on our facebook page or write us an email with your pic attached and we'll insert it on this page.

Frank's Virtual pet

Frank's Virtual Pet - My Little Virtual Pet

Frank's pet getting cleaned.

Alexa's Virtual pet

Alexa's Virtual pet - My Little Virtual Pet

Alexa's virtual dog watching TV.

Ken's Virtual Pet

Ken's Virtual Pet - My Little Virtual Pet

Ken's pet wants to sleep.

Kim's Virtual Pet

Kim's Virtual Cat - My Little Virtual Pet

Kim's virtual cat.

Hanna's Virtual Pet

Hanna's Virtual Pet - My Little Virtual Pet

Hanna's virtual alien pet drinking beer.

Dom's Virtual Pet

Dom's Virtual Pet - My Little Virtual Pet

Dom's virtual red bird enjoying life.

Nathan's Pet

Nathan's Virtual Bird - My Little Virtual Pet

Nathan's virtual bird.

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Download the virtual pet app for Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Hopefully this helps you to avoid boring times. We'll release many updates with new functions so the app will entertain you for a long time.

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Perhaps the best tamagotchi like game

If you have a great idea how we can improve the game or if you detected a bug don't hesitate and write us.

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Perhaps the best tamagotchi like game

Discover and customize your virtual pet and enjoy the mini-games. The My Little Virtual Pet world is big and it will grow fast. Your little pet is your friend it won't disappoint you. Here you can find some gameplay screenshots and a short description of the App that reminds you of the childhood Tamagotchi experience. Enjoy the screens.

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