My Little Virtual Pet - FAQ

✩ Finish the mini games memory and basketball
✩ Go to school when your pet is over 7 years old
✩ Buy some chickens and cows for your farm
✩ Read the math book and listen to the radio
✩ Play the box game in the fitness center
✩ Discover many more possibilities
Your little virtual pet will return automatically. If you are on camping vacation it will return after 2 real days.
When you see your little pet you can click on the heart icon on the right side. In the loaded screen you can see your "Friend-ID". Share this ID with your friends. You can add a friend if you click on the plus icon in this view. There you must add a Friend-ID of another pet.

You can also click on the dice icon with the pets. You visit strangers with this button. There you can send friend requests and kisses to strangers.
Click on the heart icon on the right side when you see your little virtual pet. In the next view click on the envelope icon. Choose a friend and after that write a message and send it.

Get the virtual pet

Take care of your little virtual pet

Download the virtual pet app for Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Hopefully this helps you to avoid boring times. We'll release many updates with new functions so the app will entertain you for a long time.

Virtual Pet for iPhone, iPad, iPod My Little Virtual Pet - Android app on Google Play

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Perhaps the best tamagotchi like game

If you have a great idea how we can improve the game or if you detected a bug don't hesitate and write us.

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Perhaps the best tamagotchi like game

Discover and customize your virtual pet and enjoy the mini-games. The My Little Virtual Pet world is big and it will grow fast. Your little pet is your friend it won't disappoint you. Here you can find some gameplay screenshots and a short description of the App that reminds you of the childhood Tamagotchi experience. Enjoy the screens.

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