My Little Virtual Pet - The farm

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Your virtual pet - Chickens

This is the chicken view. You can buy chickens, eggs and sell eggs. When the chickens are grown up (duration: 3 days) they begin to lay eggs.

Deep virtual pet adventure - Cows

Virtual Pet - Cows

This is the cow view. You can buy cows, milk and sell milk. When the cows are grown up they begin to produce milk. Earn enough Birdlars with your virtual pet and buy cows to produce milk and eggs so you can later bake different stuff in the bakery.

Best virtual pet app - Collect corn

Virtual Pet - Corn

This is the corn view. After three days you can collect the corn and produce flour. You'll need the flour to bake bread, cupcakes, cakes, pretzels and rolls in the bakery.

Collect stone in the virtual pet app

Virtual Pet - Stone and Wood

This is the stone and wood view. You'll need the stone and wood to build the bakery, mill and silo. Click on the stone and wood to collect these items. You can upgrade the axe and the pickaxe so you can faster collect the wood and stone.

Virtual Pet similiar like pou

Virtual Pet - Buildings

This is the building view. You can buy a bakery to bake bread, rolls, pretzels, cupcakes and cakes. Buy a mill to produce flour out off the collected corn. The flour is needed to bake the items in the bakery. Buy a silo to increase the storage capacity so you can collect more milk, eggs and corn. In the building view you can also sell the baked items and earn many birdlars for your vitual pet.

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Download the virtual pet app for Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Hopefully this helps you to avoid boring times. We'll release many updates with new functions so the app will entertain you for a long time.

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