My Little Virtual Pet - Screenshots of the smartphone pet game

Your virtual pet - Blue Bird

At the beginning you can choose your pet. This is the blue bird that hatched out of a blue egg. Each pet has 9 evolutions and it changes its look after every evolution. You can also customize your pet. Buy glasses, shoes, bodies, wings ...

Virtual Pet - The Farm

This image shows the farm of your little virtual pet. You can bake different items in the bakery and produce flour in your mill. Collect eggs and milk of your cows and chickens to bake the items in the bakery.

Virtual Pet City

This is the city of My Little Virtual Pet. Go to school and increase your IQ. Earn "Birdlars" with a job or play mini-games in the casino. You can also improve your strength and stamina in the fitness center.

Golden Eagle Bird

The Eagle Bird is a strong character with a good potential to increase the IQ. The bird hatched out of the golden egg.

Blue Bird

Again a pic of the Blue Bird. This was the first pet developed for My Little Virtual Pet.

Virtual Pet - The shop

Buy new items for your pet in the big shop. You can buy new drinks, food, sponges, health items and stuff to customize your pet (Glasses, shoes ...)

Go outside with your little pet

You can explore many different places. This pic shows the house of your pet. You can upgrade the house and design your kitchen and living room. In the garage you can buy cars and in the gallery you can buy some nice pics.

Virtual Pet - The beginning of a long journey

Firstly you must choose a pet. You can choose out of 10 eggs (birds), a cat, dog, alien, horse, monkey ... Have fun!

Get the virtual pet

Take care of your little virtual pet

Download the virtual pet app for Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Hopefully this helps you to avoid boring times. We'll release many updates with new functions so the app will entertain you for a long time.

Virtual Pet for iPhone, iPad, iPod My Little Virtual Pet - Android app on Google Play

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